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Upon entering the site and using it in any capacity, you agree to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree in any way, please exit the site and do not use the escort agency to book an escort.

You are 100% in agreement with the fact that we are an escort agency. This means that a meeting will be provided for the purpose of female companionship with the female of your choosing. What transpires between the two of you is as two consenting adults. We do not promote or endorse prostitution in any capacity.

At the time of booking, we will take special requests. These can be made over the phone with the receptionist. We suggest that all requests are to be made with sufficient notice so they can be handled properly.

The rates for all escorts are posted on the profile. Rates can vary from girl to girl. Further, rates may change without prior given notice. To confirm the rate of the girl, we suggest that you call the booking number prior to the date of the scheduled visit.

The escort’s fee is to be paid upon her arrival. The escort has the choice to give the money to her personal driver for safe keeping during the booking and is purely at her discretion. All payments are to be made using cash. The Great British Pound is the accepted currency. We do have foreign visitors from time to time and therefore we will accept foreign currency as well. Exchange rates vary from day to day and therefore the price will be given on the day of the visit. No refunds will be made if the exchange rate changes as it is not a rate that is within our control.

A cancellation fee will be charged if there is a cancellation with no notice to our agency ahead of time. The fee is £60 and will be paid to the escort for her time and travel.

Our girls are self-employed and are not employees of the agency. We represent the girls for the purpose of them being able to provide female companionship.

All content on our site has been set to us in good faith with proper permissions. This can include images, texts, as well as videos. We protect all intellectual property using the highest methods. We do not accept plagiarism in any form across the pages of the website.

Our escort agency is an in call and out call escort service. If this changes at any time, changes and updates will be made to the website as needed. We are not required to provide individual notice to our customers.

Upon using the website, you agree not to reproduce, transmit, publish, copy, display, or otherwise derive content or work from the site. No content can be sold or auctioned in any capacity at any time. Express written permission has to be received prior to using content in any way.

We are an adult website and may have adult images posted throughout the website. It is your sole responsibility to prevent minors from accessing or viewing the site in any way.

Modifications to the terms of use and the website as a whole can occur without prior given notice and at any time. It is the responsibility of all who view the site to check the policies from time to time to check for any changes. Any use of the website or of booking an escort is considered acceptance of the policies as well as terms stated throughout the website. If a change has been made and has not been updated to the Terms of Use on the site, there will be verbal notification made to you. From there, you have the choice to continue use of site/booking based upon whether you agree to the terms.

We hold the right to terminate or suspend use of the website at any time and for reasons we see fit. We have the right to block you from booking a girl or contacting us in any way. Additionally, we reserve the right not to respond to enquiries, by phone or by email.

Disclaimer: We aim to protect the website to the highest level possible at all times. However, we are unable to accept responsibility for mishaps or damages that may take place as a result of using the website in any capacity.

We would like to thank you for viewing the Terms of Use for our website.